Organization strategy and design

Organizing for growth and innovation in the energy sector is a major challenge, on two fronts. First, it challenges firms to maintain or improve current performance while staying abreast of an array of new developments. Second, organizing for growth and innovation challenges firms to decide whether—and if so, how—to actively participate in new developments.

The decision environment is never static. This means firms must develop organizational processes to continually scan the environment, engage with innovators, evaluate their ideas, and decide whether and how to deepen these relationships. Each of these functions has decision points, at which the firm asks:

  • Should we proceed to the next logical stage?
  • Do we have the budget and organizational resources to support a “yes” decision?
  • Does it make sense to share development/implementation risk with outside parties?
  • If so, who are these outside parties?

I and my colleagues at HDP can help you answer all of these questions. And we can help you implement the organizational changes that the answers call for.

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