Energy and Environment issues

Energy and environment issues have converged at senior government levels. Governments are under increasing pressure to develop responses to these issues. Recommendations are plentiful, and their quality ranges from excellent to terrible. There is no guarantee that the terrible ones won’t be adopted.

And yet government action on these recommendations will affect everything—our disposable income, our physical and economic health, our national security, and the global climate itself.

If you are on the receiving end of this action, it pays to pay attention to who’s recommending what. When you know that, you are positioned to shape the debate.

Since 1990, I have been helping clients spot and respond to opportunities and threats in the public policy environment. Working in partnership with your organization, I assess the current state of your relationship with the policy environment, develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities and neutralize threats, and plan and implement these strategies.

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12 years ago

Obtaining Energy by the Annihilation of an Electron with a Positron.

See: about–

12 years ago

Obtaining Energy by the Annihilation of an Electron with a Positron.

See my blog:

12 years ago

So the real comparison must to be made between the deuterons fusion and annihilation process of a hydrogen ion (proton) with an antiproton. It will be a difference of energy of about 1000 times higher per pair of particles used, in favor of the annihilation process. Practically it realizes the dream of extracting energy from all the matter.

12 years ago

Vote for “clean, renewable, sustainable, green, cheap energy”! Vote for living!
We can extract the energy of the rest mass of an electron. For a pair of an electron and a positron this energy is circa 1 MeV.