Stop and smell the flowers, or “feed” the birds: a non-energy interaction with the environment

Sometimes you have to pause, get out of the office, and just go and hang with other species, even kingdoms. If you don’t… well, all work and no play is just plain boring and unproductive. So here’s who I hung around with late this afternoon:

If you can tell whether this little chickadee is male or female, let me know.

Next time I’ll shoot a video, because the bird kept pecking at my fingers before giving up in disgust when he/she realized there were no sunflower seeds to be had. Disappointing for him/her, hilarious and slightly painful for me.

I strongly recommend doing this, or something like this, every now and again. That, plus a good cup of afternoon tea, will put you back into the zone.


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11 years ago

Beautiful–great advice!