Enviros sue Canadian government over Kyoto: climate change electoral test is on

As I predicted last week, green activists decided to take legal action against the federal government on climate change. Ontario is in the middle of an election campaign, and the issues of energy, especially electricity, keep popping up. The incumbent Liberals are taking some heat for failing to keep their 2003 promise to close the provincial coal plants by 2007.

The original reason for the promise was that coal is dirtying up our air. But recently, closing coal has been touted as a pro-Kyoto move. So—how prominently will yesterday’s legal action against the federal government figure in the rest of the Ontario campaign?

Watch or listen to the provincial leaders debate tonight and find out. Steve Paikin will moderate the debate. He’s very familiar with the coal/electricity issue, and will surely bring it up. Will any of the party leaders invoke Kyoto in their response?

Also watch the debate de-brief on The Agenda with Steve Paikin at eight p.m.

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