Punching through the cellophane: how to move nukes forward in North America

On Day 1, there is one water lily in the pond. On Day 2, there are two lilies. The number of water lilies in the pond doubles each day, as follows.

Day 3 = four lilies.
Day 4 = eight lilies.
Day 5 = sixteen lilies.

and so on.

If on Day 31 the pond is totally choked with water lilies, on what day was it half full?

Most people say Day 15. But that’s wrong. The pond was half full on Day 30.

The nuclear industry is half-way to breaking out of the deep freeze of the last two decades. The good news is, today is Day 30. A targeted and integrated communication effort could fill up the other half of the pond and put the industry back in black.

How? The decisive ground is Ontario. The decisive event will be the Ontario Liberal government’s approval of new nuclear build at Pickering or elsewhere. Therefore, the immediate focus must be on getting the Liberals to take that decision.

I have been beating the drum for months about the massive emission reductions that have occurred in Ontario’s power system since rehabbed nuclear reactors have returned to service. And, though Kyoto and climate change are very much in the news, nobody outside the industry has noticed. It’s time to take this message into the mainstream.

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Randal Leavitt
16 years ago

I heard some discussion today about a minority government in Ontario. That will stall everything. What we need is a commitment from all parties that new nuclear plants will be built, no matter what happens in the election. It is time for the citizens to shout out about this priority.

Steve Aplin
16 years ago

Good luck getting a commitment from all parties. Howard Hampton is drooling too hard over downtown Toronto seats and their anti-nuke residents and he’ll gladly sacrifice good policy in order to win more of them. But who knows what would happen in a minority. Maybe Hampton would realize that the established greens are neither numerous nor particularly influential (i.e., that they’re just loud) and accept nukes in return for, say, a northern development program.