P-Rod bangs out huge double for federal Liberals
You know that fall has truly arrived when the “Rods” pick up their games. Baseball fans are enjoying the matchup between the Yankees’ A-Rod (Alex Rodgriguez) and the Tigers’ I-Rod (Ivan Rodriguez) in the ALDS. And politics fans in Canada are enjoying the House exploits of the federal Liberals’ P-Rod (Pablo Rodriguez, MP from Honoré-Mercier).

Since the last Parliamentary session, I have been harping about the real possibility of a Kyoto-driven gambit by the opposition. Well, yesterday it happened.

P-Rod finally got a vote in the House of Commons on his private member’s bill calling for the government to honour Canada’s Kyoto commitment. It passed. The Conservatives had to vote against it, which opened them to criticisms from every green group in the country. Now Rodriguez’s bill is going to the ENVI committee. The House vote put P-Rod on second base, to use a baseball metaphor. A committee vote could give him the opportunity to steal home, and cause some serious damage.

Now the question is: could P-Rod’s big double put the opposition in striking distance of a non-confidence vote?

“Pablo, come to Florida.” The Conservatives wish he’d just go.

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