Uranium in Saskatchewan: as safe as broadcasting

November 30, 2012
Uranium in Saskatchewan: as safe as broadcasting

My home province, Ontario, runs in large part on uranium from Saskatchewan. Check Tables 1 and 2 in the left-hand sidebar: they show the sources of Ontario electricity over two periods, in descending order from largest to smallest. At almost no time since the 1980s has nuclear not been at the top of that or…

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Item 1: if Ontario did not have its nuclear generating fleet, last hour’s CO2 emissions would have been AT LEAST:

5,587 metric tons, and the CIPK would have been 371.5 grams

Item 2: Since prorogation of the Ontario legislature on October 15, 2012, provincial gas-fired generating plants have dumped this much CO2 into our air:

14,391,418 metric tons. This is a running total. Every hour, the total increases by the amount of Gas CO2 given in Table 1.

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