Comparing carbon abatement across jurisdictions: assess, refocus, reapproach

In the nearly 17 years since the Kyoto Protocol, jurisdictions around the world have, through their efforts to implement Kyoto’s requirements, accumulated sufficient experiential data to allow for a very fast and accurate judgement of these efforts.

The two most important criteria for making this judgement are:

  1. The carbon content of electricity.
  2. The price of electricity to consumers.

When carbon content of electricity is juxtaposed with price, as in the Electric Power Carbon-Price Matrix, you can pretty much instantly arrive at a very accurate judgement of how successful national Kyoto implementation efforts have been.

In the sliding presentation below, you can see a very brief summary of the efforts of four European Union countries—Denmark, Finland, France, and Germany—to decarbonize their electricity. Have a look, and see if you can decide which Quadrant of the Carbon-Price Matrix to put each country into.

To stop the slider from switching charts, just put your cursor over it. [slider id=’7029′ name=’Carbon price matrix explained’]

[slickquiz id=2]

I would love to hear your feedback on the quiz. If you have any comments or questions on it, or on anything else, please leave a comment.

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