California mini-earthquake causes gas explosion, and more casualties than Fukushima

I only found out about this today, but on August 9 2012 a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Ontario, California (not to be confused with Ontario, Canada) caused a natural gas explosion that injured an elderly man.

To repeat, a 4.5-magnitude earthquake in California caused a gas explosion that sent an elderly man to hospital.

That was 4065 days ago.

Where are the concerned environmentalists calling for the phasing out of natural gas as a fuel? They called for the phasing out of nuclear power after the Fukushima meltdowns, which were caused by a 9-magnitude quake.

A 9-magnitude quake is more than 10,000 times as powerful as a 4.5-magnitude one. In spite of this, and the fact that it has been 4582 days since the Fukushima reactors melted down, there have been zero people sent to hospital because of radiation.

I repeat:

Where are the environmentalists calling for the phaseout of gas-fired power? Gas has proven it is more dangerous than nuclear: a gas line in California could not handle an earthquake that was less than one-ten-thousandth the power of the one that rocked the Fukushima reactors!

I’ll answer my own question. The official environmentalists are quietly ignoring the California gas explosion, because they are working with the gas industry to sell more gas. Don’t believe me? Ask the Sierra Club. They pretend to oppose gas, but they support it.

It is amazing to me that the very groups who have been haranguing us all for decades about greenhouse gases would turn around and support the expanded use of gas, a GHG-belching fossil fuel.

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11 years ago

There is nothing “supernatural” in gas, so there is nothing to provoke superstitious fear. Only chalk circle could protect us from witches, gobblins, neutrons, and assorted demons.