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11 years ago

Barry Brook is the winner by far. I’m glad someone is making ads and I hope they keep coming. The NEI ad raises no awareness of why we really need nuclear energy. It has a superficial feel good quality but no substance. Barry Brook states a much needed perspective as to why we need nuclear energy. Check out the latest antinukes in Ontario http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120321/court-challenge-nuclear-plan-120321/20120321/?hub=TorontoNewHome They are challening Bruce Power about their plans to start the long dormant plant recently approved.

Adam Hoffman
11 years ago

Both ads are good, but they seem to be targeting different demographics. The NEI ad strikes me as appealing to middle-aged adults, especially young families. Brooks’ ad is more focused on addressing climate change and cleaning up the environment, making it a more natural fit for young people. Brooks’ ad would be better received by the Daily Show audience.

Also, I think it’s worth recognizing that Brooks’ ad is over two minutes whereas the NEI ad is one minute. That’s a pretty big advantage for Brooks.

Bill Young
11 years ago

NEI is entering this competition with one hand tied behind its back. Most of the energy companies that make up NEI are also in various facets of the fossil fuel industry and they can’t bite the hand that feeds them too hard.