Japanese MP drinks water from Fukushima basement, and lives to tell the tale

It has been 4585 days since not one, not two, but three nuclear fuel bundles melted at the Fukushima-Daiichi generating station in northeastern Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11. Nobody has died from radiation so far.

That includes a Japanese member of parliament, who last Monday drank a glass of decontaminated water taken from the flooded basement of one of the reactor buildings. Here he is on YouTube:

For those who believe nuclear is unredeemably dangerous, my question is: how is this guy still alive?

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James Greenidge
11 years ago

Cool! I’ll drink to that myself! He ought be making a drinking tour around Japan doing that to help assauge off-the-wall-fears and save Japan several billion dollars doing silly things like more lung-corroding coal plants and windmills atop Mt. Fugi.

James Greenidge
Queens NY

11 years ago

I guess it was only a matter of time before fiscal reality could no longer be ignored:

“Forthcoming study by accountants will argue UK can save £34bn by ditching renewable energy

The renewable energy industry has slammed the findings of a forthcoming report that suggests the UK could save £34bn by ditching plans for a massive expansion in wind power capacity.

The preliminary findings of a report by KMPG, previewed in the Sunday Times yesterday, claimed Britain could meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets more cost effectively by building nuclear and gas-fired power stations instead of wind farms.”


11 years ago

Does this mean saporro beer is okay to drink?

11 years ago

The video is working now.

11 years ago

They ought bottle that water and ship it as a novelty item! It’d sell!!

[…] (Evidently a Japanese member of parliament believed Dr. Boice. To watch a YouTube video of this politician drinking decontaminated water from the basement of one of the Fukushima reactor buildings, click here.) […]