Correction: I was wrong about Eclipsall Energy

Last week I participated in a televised debate about the Ontario energy situation following the October 6 election. At around 11:44 of the debate, the video for which is below, I incorrectly included Eclipsall Energy, a Scarborough, Ontario-based company that makes solar energy modules, in a list of solar manufacturers that have recently “gone bust”.

Eclipsall has of course not gone bust. The company is operating today as I write this, as it was at the time I made my incorrect comment.

I regret my error, and apologize to the company, its investors, and its employees, as well as to all viewers of the telecast.

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Les Lyster
11 years ago

Dear Mr.Aplin,

As president and CEO of Eclipsall Energy Corp. I appreciate and accept your apology. With respect to future opportunities to discuss Ontario and/or global solar sector or Eclipsall, I welcome you to come to us directly.

Steve Aplin
11 years ago
Reply to  Les Lyster

Mr. Lyster, thanks for your comment and again — apologies for my error. I will take you up on your offer some time soon.