Bawling over Bali: while greens whine, Japan rolls out climate investment plans

Japan has announced it is considering investing $4.5 billion to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies, this money will be for energy efficiency, new energy sources, and nuclear power.

The Pint of Old Harper on this list is nuclear power, of course. If the Japanese money materializes, that’s where the bulk of it will go. As well it should. Nuclear power is the world’s technological route to substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Energy efficiency and new energy sources are politically correct drops in the bucket.

The main recipient country will, probably, be China. Japan is still not comfortable with allowing India, the developing country with the next-biggest nuclear investment plans, back into the club of legitimate nuclear nations.

Meanwhile, a chorus of condemnation emanates from mainstream environmentalists the world over. This is in response to the climate discussions in Bali, which have disappointed the greens because the conversation is not sufficiently anti-corporate. If anybody notices Japan’s announcement, they will either commend the energy efficiency and “new energy” components, or condemn the nuclear component. Either way, the greens still don’t get it.

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