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For those who watch the Ontario electricity issue like a hockey fanatic watches the playoffs, it’s like we’re in double overtime. Ontario’s premier and energy minister have made some downright fascinating comments about electricity this week, relating to the coal-fired generating plants.

The energy minister told a CBC reporter that air quality is the paramount issue. Could it be that the Liberals have found another way to achieve air quality, one that doesn’t involve closing the coal plants?

For some excellent colour commentary on this important and fast-developing play, check out TV Ontario’s Studio 2 (Thursday at eight p.m. and eleven p.m.). On tonight’s Power Hour, co-host Steve Paikin will discuss the issue with the Sierra Club’s Dan McDermott, Energy Probe’s Tom Adams, and a multi-partisan collection of former Ontario cabinet ministers.

Also see Global TV’s Focus Ontario (Saturday at six-thirty p.m., as well as Sunday at seven a.m. and eleven-thirty a.m.) Host Sean Mallen will feature the energy minister’s veiled pre–caucus meeting comment in his Play of the Week.

The print media is all over the issue as well. See Megan Gillis’s work in the Ottawa Sun, Ian Urquhart in the Toronto Star, and Murray Campbell in the Globe and Mail.

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